Dreamland Family Day Care Services

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About Us

Dreamland value and believe in a home like atmosphere that creates a caring and stimulating environment, in which all children can feel accepted, safe and secure. Each child is a valued individual with unique interests and strengths. At Dreamland we aim to give children the freedom to choose and participate in the activities they are most interested in. Carers guide children to make positive choices about their learning and development. Developmental play enables children to learn through concrete “hands-on” experiences such as doing, experimenting,  predicting, achieving and making mistakes.
We believe all children, families and staff have a right to be treated with fairness and equality, have the same opportunities for participation and are accepted as valued members of the Dreamland community. We aim to build a good relationship between the children which is important to a child’s health and well being.

                     An Idea is Born

Janet Sandy Abdulazeez is the Founder of Dreamland Family Day Care Services and it has always been her dream to create a Family Day Care Service that brings all sections of society together. Multiculturalism helps to strengthen the bonds that keep us together, and weaken the walls that push us apart.. She has worked very hard and get all necessary qualifications and training which makes her perfect leader of the company. Her friendly and Jolly personality is good example for our educators, staff and parents to spread happiness around. 

               Our Statement of Philosophy

Dreamland aims to be a multicultural, child based, family day care service. Most of our Families and educators are of Central African origin and many were born in Sudan. We want the service to be about retaining their Original culture while learning and adapting to their new Australian home. 

Along the way we want to provide children who enroll in our service with the tools to become strong confident learners and to be happy healthy individuals. These children should be able to communicate effectively and be confident learners. We provide a learning environment where children learn and develop by exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play. We plan for children’s learning around their interests and their own specific needs, guided by the National Quality Standards, the Early Years Learning Framework and the School Aged Care learning Framework-My Time, Our Place. This provides opportunities for children to reach their potential, in all areas of their development: physical health and well being, social, emotional, language and cognitive, and spiritual. We work with families to support them in their parenting role and share information with them that is of benefit to their child’s development and well being. 

We are committed to professional teamwork, and ongoing professional development to extend our skills and abilities. All staff value and respect one another and the contributions they make to create a cohesive team. We recognize our responsibility in ensuring and maintaining current workplace policies and procedures.

We are committed to our continued professional development and being actively involved in the quality improvement process. We are also offering wide range of child care related courses to develop Educators skills and knowledge.  

Our Team

Jigisha Patel- Manager & Bookkeeper:
Jigisha is a Motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity.  She is a very positive addition for Dreamland.  With Her management and well mannered communication skills, she is handling her position effortlessly. She manages the day-to-day operations of the service in line with the NQF and provides guidance to Educators for their role.